All About Computer Keylogger Software

If you want to know what someone is doing on the computer, you have the option of installing computer keylogger software. This type of software will monitor all actions taken on your PC, including keystrokes and any actions performed on a keyboard.

Installing computer keylogger software can keep you informed about which websites your children or spouse are visiting. It can record snapshot like pictures called “screenshots” and then report back to you via a log or email.

Another great thing about computer keylogger software is that it can keep track of all downloads and any changes to your hard drive whether by you or someone else in your house. It will keep track of everything in an encrypted file and run in the background, being undetectable to other users of your computer.

Computer keylogger software can be a very useful tool if you are concerned about websites that other computer users in your home are visiting. Capturing screenshots and information about that particular website can help you to make important decisions about what to do next. It is possible to install parental controls on a computer; however, kids these days are more computer savvy and can sometimes bypass these controls. If you have the proof in an encrypted log, you can have a frank and open discussion with them about their choices.

Dangerous predators lay in wait to contact your children in chatrooms. You can review the chat logs and provide them to the appropriate authorities. These types of keylogger software are not detectable with spyware detection programs and they can be easily downloaded an installed on your computer.

If you forget a password, a keylogger can help you to recover it quickly and easily. The log reports can usually be automatically deleted after they have been emailed to you to an off site email address. Monitoring your computer has never been easier.