Great Movies About Computers

Plenty of great movies about computers have come out since these smart machines began playing such a huge role in humans’ lives. Filmmakers have created fictional, factual and documentary-style movies about artificial intelligence, gaming, hacking, online communications, programming, viruses, web sites and other subjects relating to computers. Even films about war and supernatural themes have focused on computers. The following list includes some of the great movies about computers with a brief description of what they are about:

AI: As the name implies, this is the story of a future world where Artificial Intelligence is possible, and a childlike android has been programmed to love.

Hackers: A 1990s film starring a young Angelina Jolie, depicting a young group of hip hackers and all the trouble they get into during a corporate extortion conspiracy.

The Terminator Series: About a cyborg (half man, half computer) who comes back in time to kill Sarah Conner.

The Matrix Series: The story of a future world where computers have taken over and are using humans for power, keeping our minds tapped into a virtual world to distract us from the grim reality that our bodies are all part of an elaborate feeding system.

Office Space: The group of software programmers and IT guys in this cult classic devise a plan to use a computer virus to get one over on the company they work for. Short Circuit: The story of a walking, talking robot (named Johnny 5) with a heart; he can be your friend!

Star Trek (First Contact, Generations, Insurrection, Nemesis): All of these Star Trek and Star Trek Next Generation films include themes of artificial intelligence and computer technologies that were not possible at the time of their making.

Tron: This early 1980s movie was one of the first to use computer graphics; the complex story includes themes of hacking, software programming, gaming and more. You’ve Got Mail: This modern love story is all about meeting and getting to know your romantic match online.

These aren’t the only movies about computers that have made an impact on our box offices and our society, but these are definitely some of the greatest.