Things You Should Know About Computer

Computers are now being used everywhere. A computer that stops working altogether or executes tasks at a very slow speed is a serious problem for people who are dependent on it. Even if you are not very tech savvy, you can learn a few things about computer repair tools to fix most of the problems by yourself. It will also reduce the chances of paying extra money for repairing services that you could handle yourself.

1. A computer repair tool can be divided into two categories namely hardware and software. Cable cutters, screw drivers and canned air are some of the hardware tools used for computer repair. Anti-virus scanners, memory diagnostic utilities and password recovery software are common examples of software repair tools.

2. Canned air can be used to get rid of dust on the surfaces of mechanical components inside the computer cabinet. Multi-meters can be used to cross check Ethernet connections and power cables to detect possible flaws. An antivirus will help you to keep away viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs that can affect the overall performance of your computer. A memory diagnostic tool can help you find the problems with RAM.

3. Computer repair tools of both types offer various features and capabilities to diagnose and repair a fault. You need special screw drivers to work with small sized components in your computer. Similarly, diagnostic software can detect most of the hardware and logical problems with your devices.

4. Use an anti-static wrist strap whenever you open your computer for repair. Static electricity can damage some parts on your computer’s motherboard. Instead of treating your computer later on, install a firewall, update your antivirus and use latest BIOS software to prevent the problems.

5. Completely unplug your computer when you open the CPU cabinet to fix some problems. Take a backup of all important data before you begin to wipe out viruses from your computer with an additional software repair tool.