Foul balled fairly odd parents coloring pages

From 1998 until 2001, the Oh Yeah! Cartoons series aired ten Fairly OddParents shorts with a run time of seven and a half minutes each. Airing as a regular television series, Nickelodeon has aired a total of ten seasons with 161 episodes aired in the United States, including seven television movies, three The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour crossover movies and three full-length live-action films. Notable television films include “Abra-Catastrophe!”, which aired in 2003, and “Channel Chasers”, which aired a year later in 2004. The latest film A Fairly Odd Summer was released in 2014. The first eight seasons, with the help of Amazon, were released on DVD since 2012. As of July¬†26, 2017[update], 161 episodes had aired in the United States. The series returned in 2013, after a year-long hiatus with the ninth-season premiere, which began airing on March 23, 2013, with the half-hour special “Fairly OddPet”.