Fun school coloring pages

Fun School 5 is the fifth set of educational games, released in 1995 by Europress Software on Windows. The games were originally planned to be released in 1993 with the age ranges ‘Under 5s’, ‘5s to 7s’ and ‘7s to 11s’. However, there was a delay due to the development of the subject-specific Fun School Specials. The games were written using DOS 4GW and early versions had problems with some video drivers, forcing Europress to recall an entire stock before revising new versions. The three individual games catered for children aged between 4 and 7 years, between 6 and 9 years and between 8 and 11 years respectively and had their own specific themes with a goal to complete the game. The games introduced two children, Suki and Rik, and their pet purple dinosaur, Gloopy. The player has to assist Gloopy and the children in solving a number of challenges.