Go jetters coloring pages for kids

Foz spots a big button in the harvester. He leans in to push it, the Grimbot notices at the last second and tries to stop him but it’s too late. Foz presses the button, and both Foz and the Grimbot are ejected from the harvester and fall into a mud pile – they’re stuck fast! Xuli, Glitch and Tala have run out of the barn to see the driverless harvester coming straight towards them. Xuli calls up Click Ons for her and Tala – they use G. O shield to redirect the harvester to stop it crashing into the barn. It works – but now the harvester is on course to hit the greenhouses! Xuli and Tala turn to see Glitch appear from out of the Grimbler – he has his Grim Mag on, ready to save the day. But Glitch is pulled towards the metal harvester and Xuli is dragged with them too – Grimbles!