Inspector gadget coloring pages

The main protagonist and titular character of the franchise. Gadget is a cyborg (part man, part machine) with thousands of high-tech gadgets installed in his body. Gadget is very powerful and loyal to his career as a lawman, but he is also very dim-witted, clueless, incompetent, oblivious, and gullible, but also lovable, caring, and protective. His attire and personality resemble those of Inspector Clouseau from The Pink Panther movies. While Penny and Brain secretly do all the real detective work, Gadget has a knack of inadvertently saving the day, usually without realizing he is doing so. Gadget loves his family more than anything and would do anything to keep them from harm, especially Penny. He was voiced by Don Adams in the original series and Inspector Gadget’s Field Trip until Adams’ retirement from voicing Gadget in 1999, Gary Owens and later Jesse White in the original series’ pilot episode, and Maurice LaMarche in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Gadget and the Gadgetinis, the direct-to-video animated films, and various DIC Kids Network bumpers. For the 2015 series, the voice of Gadget is provided by Ivan Sherry. It is revealed in the first live action film that Gadget’s real name is John Brown. He is portrayed by Matthew Broderick in the first film and French Stewart in the sequel.