Kagamine rin coloring pages

An update, Kagamine Rin/Len V4X, was released for Vocaloid 4 on December 24th, 2015. This package contains six Japanese vocals, three for Rin and three for Len. They are updates on the old
Append vocals from Vocaloid2. Rin’s vocals are “Power E. V. E. C. ,” “Warm” and “Sweet” while Len’s are “Power E. V. E. C. “, “Cold” and “Serious. ” Enhanced Voice Expression Control (E. V. E. C. ) is a new system developed for Piapro Studios which allows delicate changes to how phonetic sounds sound. There are two options for the E. V. E. C. vocals: “Power” and “Soft. ” All Rin and Len vocals can use the new Cross-Synthesis (XSY) system developed for Vocaloid4, though are limited to only being able to do so with other vocals of their assign character of “Rin” or “Len”. Rin and Len each received an English vocal which was released on the same day as the Japanese vocal. These vocals are available separately as a download or as a bundle with the Japanese vocals.