Musical staff worksheet coloring pages

When music on two staves is joined by a brace, or is intended to be played at once by a single performer (usually a keyboard instrument or harp), a great stave (British English) or grand stave (American English) is created. Typically, the upper stave uses a treble clef and the lower stave has a bass clef. In this instance, middle C is centred between the two staves, and it can be written on the first ledger line below the upper stave or the first ledger line above the lower stave. Very rarely, a centred line with a small alto clef is written, and usually used to indicate that B, C, or D on the line can be played with either hand (ledger lines are not used from a centre alto as this creates confusion). When playing the piano or harp, the upper staff is normally played with the right hand and the lower stave with the left hand. In music intended for organ with pedalboard, a grand stave normally comprises three staves, one for each hand on the manuals and one for the feet on the pedalboard.